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Ludlow Infant Academy


 Ludlow Infant Academy - Remit of Governing Body

The Hamwic Education Trust is a multi academy trust formed with partnerships of academies working collaborately together to improve pupil outcomes in their communities.

The individual academies each have their own local governing board structure. For Hamwic Trust Governance details Clicking here.

The Governing Body has the overall responsibility for the conduct of the school, for promoting high standards of educational achievement, and for ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction. The Headteacher is accountable to the Governing Body for the internal organisation, management and control, and the educational performance of the school and its children. The governing body has responsibility for the appointment of all staff but has delegated this to the Headteacher for all staff below Deputy Headteacher.

Governors are responsible for overseeing the financial performance of the school, making sure its money is well spent, and ensuring that Ludlow Infant Academy has an effective and appropriate system of financial and management controls. The Governing Body has delegated the day to day responsibility to the Headteacher, who is also the Accounting Officer, for implementing effective management systems, including financial monitoring and control systems, and for ensuring that the systems conform with good financial management practices in line with the requirements of the Academies financial Handbook.

The names of the members and trustees of the governing body are detailed below.


Current Governors

Mr Nigel Ash                    Chair of Governors – Whole Governing Body (WGB) "Appointed by Hamwic Trust"

                                      D.C.E.O Standards

Pecuniary Interests           Hamwic Trust

Address                           Hamwic Trust

                                      c/o Ludlow Infant Academy


Mrs Beverley Corbin         Executive Headteacher (WGB) "Appointed by Governors"


Pecuniary Interests           Executive Headteacher Townhill Infant School

Scheme of Delegation

Please click on the following link to review the Governing Bodies Scheme of Delegation.


Previous Members (1.9.2015 – 31.7.2018)

Mr Andrew Pitcher            Appointed - 1.9.2012       Resigned - 9.7.2018

Pecuniary Interests           None 

Mrs Sandy Smith              Appointed - 1.9.2012       Resigned - 9.7.2018

Pecuniary Interests           Capita

Mrs Kate Dawson             Appointed 10.3.2016        Resigned - 9.7.2018

Pecuniary Interests           None

Mrs Diana Buckell              Appointed 5.2.2017          Resigned - 9.7.2018

Pecuniary Interests            Pre-School Manager Ladybirds Ludlow            

Dr Julia Katherine             Appointed – 1.9.2012       Resigned – 28.11.2016

Pecuniary Interests           Chapman Web Design

Miss Thea Mills                 Appointed – 13.11.2014    Resigned – 31.8.2016

Pecuniary Interests           None 

Mrs Jeannie Gibbons         Appointed – 1.9.2012       Resigned – 5.9.2016

Pecuniary Interests           None

Mrs Nicola Cunningham     Appointed - 5.9.2016       Resigned - 23.6.2017

Pecuniary Interests           None

Mrs Caroline Webb            Appointed - 23.6.2015     Resigned - 31.8.2017                        

Pecuniary Interests           None


Governors Attendance at meetings

1.9.2017 - 9.7.2018

Mr Andrew Pitcher      Meeting - 1 Attended - 1

Mrs Sandra Smith       Meeting - 1 Attended - 1

Mrs Kate Dawson       Meeting - 1 Attended - 1

Mrs Diana Buckell       Meeting - 1 Attended - 1

Mrs Beverley Corbin    Meeting - 1 Attended - 1


 IEB Minutes click here

Governors Stand Down Letter to Parents - Click here


Memorandum and Articles of Association

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Annual Accounts and Report

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Funding Agreement

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